Titanium Nitride Coating (TiN)

What is Titanium Nitride Coating?

Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating is a coating that gives the surface of the coated part a gold like appearance. The gold like appearance is not only cool, but offers quite a bit of advantages compared to a non-coated part. 

TiN coating offers increased wear resistance and reduced friction on metal surfaces that come into contact with other moving surfaces. TiN coating is often used in the medical field as well as the aerospace industry for its great wear resistant, anti-corrosion properties, and reduced friction.

 TiN coating, unlike other coatings, is a very thin coating averaging only .0001″ – .0002″ or 2-5 microns in thickness. The thin coating allows for even the smallest and most precise parts to be coated without affecting the fit or placement of the part. For example, all parts on a standard AR-15 bolt carrier group can be TiN coated and it would not negatively affect the fit or operation of the bolt carrier group. It would actually increase the durability and smoothness of operation of the bolt carrier group while catching the eye of everyone at the range. 


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How to get your guns, gun parts, or other items TiN Coated?

Getting your guns, gun parts, or other parts TiN coated is easy and can be done in just a few steps! 

  1. Download the PDF (Click the image of the form or click here!)
  2. Read all instructions and disclaimers on the form. 
  3. Fill out all applicable fields.
  4. Save the completed PDF and send to AxolotlArms@Outlook.com 
  5. Print completed form and include in your package of parts sent to the address listed in the form!
  6. An invoice will be sent to you about two weeks after shipment!

*** It is very important to read all disclaimers and instructions before completing your TiN coating order!