Walther P38 9mm German Made Post War Aluminum Frame


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This is a used firearm from the 60’s and 70’s condition will vary from fair to good. Pictures of 1 of the 4 we have in stock.

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Walther P38 9mm German Made Post War Aluminum Frame

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Walther P38 9mm German Made Post War Aluminum Frame

Post WW2 Walther P38’s with Aluminum Frame, 9mm

As surplus stocks around the world diminish and disappear, we never thought we would see these again. Identical to the WW2 era P38 with the exception of an aluminum frame. Most of the pistols we have seen were manufactured in the early 1960’s, although some are dated early 1970’s.

(1) 8rd Magazine Included

Good – Mild to heavy finish wear, scratches and dings,  very minor surface rust and/or pitting, grease and grime, etc

Experience the revival of an icon with the return of the P38, meticulously crafted in Germany. These P38 models boast an aluminum frame, having rested in storage for years, these firearms now carry a sentimental charm that permeates every corner. A visual inspection reveals the legacy of these guns. Most bear the mark “Carl Walther Waffenfabrik Ulm/Do,” proudly displaying “P38 Cal. 9mm”

Step into a Legacy: The Walther P38 9mm Locked-Breech Pistol

Embark on a journey through time with the Walther P38 9mm Locked-Breech Pistol, a true masterpiece harmonizing history, innovation, and precision engineering. This iconic firearm stands as a testament to German artistry and military heritage, capturing the essence of a bygone era while remaining relevant and exceptional.

A Glimpse into History:

In 1938, the Walther P38 emerged as the answer to the German military’s quest for a modern replacement for the Luger P08. Crafted by Carl Walther, this pistol was meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of the German Army. Sporting a unique locked-breech mechanism, a double-action/single-action trigger, and an external hammer, the P38 was a groundbreaking achievement.

During World War II, the P38 became the trusted companion of the German Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe, and police units. Its impeccable performance and resilience earned it admiration from soldiers and officers alike. Post-war, the P38 continued its legacy, finding a home in the West German Bundeswehr and the French military, among others.


9mm Luger Caliber: Chambered in the widely acclaimed 9mm Luger (9x19mm Parabellum) cartridge, striking a harmonious blend of power, accuracy, and manageable recoil.

Locked-Breech: Elevating accuracy through a consistent barrel-slide lockup, translating to enhanced shot-to-shot consistency and reduced internal wear.

Dual-Mode Trigger: The P38 introduces a double-action trigger for the initial shot and a refined single-action trigger for follow-up shots, offering an unmatched fusion of safety and speed.

Exposed Hammer: Featuring an external hammer for effortless thumb-cocking, accompanied by visible and tactile hammer position confirmation.

Safety and Decocking: Seamlessly transition between decocking the hammer and engaging the safety in a single motion, assuring a secure state during downtime.

Robust Craftsmanship: Forged from premium steel, both frame and slide embody unwavering strength, capable of enduring challenging conditions without compromise.

Capacity and Performance: Standard 8-round magazine capacity, marrying compactness with firepower prowess.

Whether you’re an ardent collector, a history connoisseur, or simply hold an appreciation for the timeless quality of classic firearms, the Walther P38 9mm Locked-Breech Pistol stands as an exquisite addition to any assembly. Immerse yourself in history and relish the precision engineering that has upheld the P38’s legacy across generations.



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