Czech Army RPG SK75 Inert

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Fully inert original RPG SK75 rocket launcher which has been properly deactivated as per ATF regulations

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Czech Army RPG SK75 Inert


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The Czech Army RPG SK75 is a training rocket that was made to instruct Czech soldiers how to operate the RPG-75 anti-tank weapon. This rocket propelled grenade is similar to the US LAW rocket and is completely inert having been purpose built for training. Amazing Cold War era military relic that was never issued and makes an impressive wall hanger.

The Czech RPG SK75 Rocket was designed to be a front line force anti-tank weapon. With a compact telescoping design that draws from the US LAW rocket, the Warsaw Pact aligned Czech military produced tens of thousands for use by the military. Like all important weapon systems, training was essential so the military produced a limited number of inert training rockets to instruct new troops on how to operate the system. Now you can own one of these training rockets and examine how it worked operationally while remaining safe as there is no explosive or propellent content in the rocket.

No FFL Required!

  • Authentic Czech Army Training Rocket
  • Designated SK75
  • 68mm Rocket – Similar to US LAW Rocket
  • Unissued Condition


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