DS Arms FAL 21″ Belgium Style FALO

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DS Arms FAL 21″ Belgium Style FALO


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DSArms SA58 FAL 21″ Belgium Style FALO Heavy Barrel 7.62x51mm Rifle – 50.42 Configuration


FN FAL LAR 50.42

Also known as FALO as an abbreviation from the French Fusil Automatique Lourd.

The DS Arms SA58 FAL 50.42 FALO is DSA’s recreation of one of the most iconic configurations the FAL was ever produced in! What sets the FALO 50.42 apart from other traditional FAL rifles is the specialized barrel & barrel components. The FALO heavy profile barrel features a special flash hider with integral heavy duty folding bipod. This flash hider/bipod design, along with the American Black Walnut handguard and forward facing carry handle truly makes the FALO a one of a kind battle rifle design. This beautiful battle rifle features a 21″ Premium Heavy Barrel Profile Chrome Lined 1:10 Twist Barrel, a Type 2 Carry Handle Cut Receiver, Left Side Non Reciprocating Cocking Handle, and traditional FAL adjustable sights. Other notable features of this rifle are the historically accurate R marked selector switch, horizontal frame lock lever, Belgium style magazine release and Turkish Walnut humpback style buttstock with the flip up shoulder plate. This iconic recreation of the FALO 50.42 is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection!

The last time this FAL heavy barrel bipod model was available in the U.S. marketplace was 1989. Now more than 30 years later, DS Arms have recreated this iconic Light Support Weapon version of the FAL Battle Rifle!

The DS Arms 50.42 FALO is fitted with a Turkish Walnut wooden buttstock with the flip up shoulder plate.

Standard Configuration Includes:

  • 21″ FN Heavy Barrel Profile.
  • Barrel Features Chrome Lined Chamber & Bore.
  • 4150 – 11595E Mil-Spec Barrel Steel.
  • 7.62 x 51mm NATO Chamber & Bore.
  • Barrel Features a 1:10 Twist Rate.
  • Traditional FN FAL FALO Heavy Duty Steel Folding Bipod & Coupler System.
  • Barrel Is Threaded 11/16-24 Left For Traditional FALO Heavy Barrel Flash Hider.
  • 4140 Fully Machined & Heat Treated Cast Steel Type 2 Carry Handle Cut Receiver.
  • Oversized Front Facing Heavy Duty Carry Handle.
  • Traditional Fixed Stock Bolt Carrier.
  • Left Side Non-Reciprocating Fixed Knob Metric Cocking Handle.
  • Traditional Metric Pistol Grip.
  • Traditional FN Heavy Barrel Style Wooden Handguards – American Black Walnut.
  • The DS Arms 50.42 FALO is fitted with a Turkish Walnut wooden buttstock with the flip up shoulder plate.
  • Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum Lower Trigger Frame.
  • Traditional Fixed Stock Operating System.
  • Fully Adjustable Gas System.
  • Short Stroke Piston Design.
  • Stainless Steel Gas Piston.
  • Elevation Adjustable Front Sight Post.
  • Traditional FAL Fixed Stock Type Rear Ramp Sight – 600 Meter – Windage Adjustment Click Screw Settings.
  • Rifle Features A Matte Black DuraCoat Finish.
  • 20 Round Metric Magazine.
  • Owners Manual, Hard Case & Sling Included.
  • Overall Length: 43.5″
  • Rifle Weight, unloaded: 15 Pounds

Manufactured by DS Arms!


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