About Us

Welcome to Axolotl Arms!

We are a federally-licensed, Air Force Veteran-Owned and Operated firearm and gear retailer that strives to be the best in the industry in fair pricing and customer service.

We have a passion for effective training and marksmanship, and our goal is to put guns and gear into every law-abiding American’s hands at a fair price while inspiring a culture of safety and education.

Charitable Donations

Here at Axolotl Arms we are not going to live off of the name of the axolotl and not do our part to help save the axolotl!

We have partnered with three highly-regarded international amphibian and wildlife conservation foundations.

We chose our charities based on a number of criteria, with the most important being these charities either directly or indirectly work towards saving the axolotl.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time by email, call, or text!


Email: info@AxolotlArms.com

Call or Text: (502)653-9021


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